Black Book is a global representation platform for black and non-white people working within hospitality and food media. We are here to inspire and empower through enhancing equality, equity and wealth creation worldwide within those communities whilst raising global consciousness of the issues affecting your ability to thrive in these industries. 


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As the worlds premier talent and thought leadership platform, we at Black Book will support you in achieving your personal and career growth objectives whilst advocating for those in the community to gain the appropriate recognition, visibility and rewards for the work you do in hospitality.


The work required to change the systemic inequalities and erasure of our voices in hospitality and food is deep and long. 


As we build momentum towards the launch of this platform we have designed a series of talks to help us, alongside thought leaders and activists, identify and examine the key issues that need to be addressed. This series is entitled: 


De-colonising the food industry


Over eight weeks we will host a series of conversations examining eight different headline topics to get to heart of these issues… 


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Date: Sunday 26th July, 2pm (UK)

"Funding & Investment: who has the access and the support?"


Where does the power, wealth and equity sit when food is from, or cooked by, the Global South and its diaspora? For example, the street food scene in the UK alone is worth 2 billion a year - much of the food being promoted are foods from the Global South and yet the money does not filter down to BIPOC and particularly Black people. What does food mean to a white investor? Are Black and non-white investors better suited to investing in our food? How does access to funds work and what support is - or needs to be - available?

Zoe Adjonyoh (facilitator)
Eileen Twum (resident panellist)
Fozia Ismail (resident panellist)
Demi Ariyo (guest panellist)
Tiffani Rozier (guest panellist)
Dom Cools-Lartigue (guest panellist)
Rachel Laryea (guest panellist)
Guest panelists - Bios:
Fozia Ismail (UK)
Fozia is a scholar, cook and founder of Arawelo Eats, a platform for exploring politics, identity and colonialism through East African food. Fozia helped developed the Black Book 'Decolonising the food industry' series.
Demi Ariyo (UK)
Demi is an entrepreneur, investor and advisor with investment banking experience. He is the founder of Lendoe, a social lender which primarily focuses on empowering underestimated entrepreneurs. Demi is also one of the co-founders of Capital-Moments a commercial awareness website that aims to further the developments of students and young professionals.
Tiffani Rozier (US)
Tiffani is a chef, rookie food writer, entrepreneur and founder of the Afros + Knives podcast - an interview podcast that celebrates the Black women working and leading in food, wine, and hospitality. Tiffani is also about to start investment raising for black media.
Dom Cools-Lartigue (UK)
Dom is a London-based entrepreneur of Dominican and St Lucian descent. He is the founder of Street Feast London which pioneered night-market culture in London. He recently launched The Great Feast of London festival, a new digital marketplace and delivery service, where every meal sold also provides a meal for someone in need through Dominic's community meals organisation A Plate for London.
Rachel Laryea (US)
Rachel is the founder and CEO of Kelewele LLC, a cultural lifestyle brand reimagining plantains in its commitment to connect the African diaspora through food, culture and innovation.

Facilitated by Zoe Adjonyoh

Chef, Author and Activist


Panelist: Dr Anna Sulan Masing 

London-based food, drink & culture journalist, poet and academic. Co-founder of A+F CreativeVoices At The Table podcast and event series and instagram zine AMP. A PhD in storytelling and identity; one of the key throughlines was food and it interrogated ideas around appropriation, authenticity and how race, gender and migration intersect. 


Panelist: Eileen Twum

Once a Management Consultant and start-up executive who set up and launched the London arm of The Infatuation - an online restaurant recommendation platform, where her restaurant reviews currently reside.  Eileen is a Londoner, has lived in the US for nearly six years, and at a guess, has eaten at approximately 500+ restaurants globally, thanks to the ‘corporate card’.


The questions discussed across these eight weeks were developed by Zoe Adjonyoh, Fozia Ismail and Dr Anna Sulan Masing

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